Animation | The Eternal Shortcoming | 2020

The Eternal Shortcoming is my graduation project from AKV | St. Joost. It’s a documentary animation in which people tell about their eternal shortcomings, better knows as homesickness. 

Due to the fact I had to graduate from home because of COVID-19, the animation is a trailer of the VR experience which is being produced at this very moment. 

“The story is about an old sailor who,  each and every day, strolls around the coast in search of memories that mean something to someone.  Whenever he finds one,  he returns back home and adds the memory  to his selfmade lighthouse.  The sailor doesn’t have a lighthouse of his own,  so he decided he would make one himself.  The lighthouse has the same function for him as it once had for sailors on sea:  

it’s where they want to stay away from  to not limit theirselves to this one place,  but at the same time it’s a constant reminder of the place  they can always return home to. “


Character design | Kaiser Wilhelm | 2018

We 3D scanned the statue of Wilhelm in front of Huis Doorn, transported it into Maya and added blend shapes to give the character emotion. The statue was made together with Ilonka Zwarts.

Animated short | Huis Doorn | 2018

Together with Ilonka Zwarts and Inge Hinskens we made an animation about the history of Huis Doorn and Kaiser Wilhelm II commissioned by Huis Doorn. Ilonka and myself did all de 3D parts.

The animation was shown in the exhibition ‘Monumentale verhalen’ in Doorn and ‘Spanning aan de Grens’ in Veenendaal

Animation | Cricket walk cycle | 2019

A walkcycle of a cricket, the rig was found on the internet.

Installation | Observations don’t work like that | 2019

‘Observations don’t work like that’ is an installation about the perception of our reality, so be aware: perspective is a foolish concept.

Exhibited during the ‘Intercourse’ exposition fo the minor Arts and Interaction at TAC Eindhoven

Game | BIG GESTURES small hands | 2018

A text based choice game about president Trump. We made the game for our client, the Dutch newspaper Trouw and Submarine Animation, to motivate more youngsters to read the news in a new and fun way.


AR | Business card | 2019

An AR project for a  business card which shows a small animation of waving hands to greet the person who gets hold of the card!

Sketches | Earlier work | 2016 – 2018

Some sketches made between 2016 and 2019, some of my own work and some school ssignments

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